A home birth story {Austin Birth Photographer}

Birth photography is something unique and close to my heart. There’s really no other moment in life that is quite as life changing as becoming a parent. Anyone that has been through it will attest that the love you feel for that little human being is stronger than words can describe. A child’s birth is a magical and emotional experience. Being able to capture this moment for a family is truly an honor and something I am extremely passionate about. I started photographing births two years ago and this mama’s first child was one of the first births I’ve ever photographed. Unfortunately her first attempt at a home birth went somewhat unexpected ways, she was in labor for 2 days (!!!) and in the end a trip to the hospital prevented me from being able to completely capture their birth story the first time around. Everything went well in the end and mom and baby girl were healthy.

When mom told me that she was pregnant again and planning on another home birth I knew it would be a second chance to give her a lasting memory of something she so strongly wanted, a wonderful birth experience captured in the safety of their home, surrounded by people that loved, supported and helped her through this experience.

I received a call from her husband about 10pm that night and he said that she was contracting but things were not too far along and that they would all try to get some rest. So I thought, alright some time tonight, I better get an  hour of shut eye before I need to head out. No more than 20 minutes later he called again, this time it sounded like things were progressing and the midwife was suggesting that I get there rather sooner than later. So I headed out immediately. The scene when I entered was so serene, lovely really. It seemed this time around things were just going smoother. She had found some wonderful birth professionals including a doula that never left her side and an amazing team of midwives.  I could tell her contractions were strong and productive and she was “in the zone”, going from bed to birth tub and back she worked her way through this labor process pretty fast. I remember this little exchange between midwife and mom that signaled that she was reaching that pushing point and no more than two pushes later their little baby boy was born. I think we were all a little surprised how fast it went including mom, so for a few minutes after he was born she was just holding him but did not want to know the baby’s sex (it was a surprise). Her after pains were pretty excrutiating and she never really got a chance to catch her breath and take it all in. It took a good hour or so before things calmed down a bit for her. Finally it was lovely to watch them lay there together taking in their new baby, nursing and getting some rest.

I left once I had a chance to capture those first newborn moments. It was close to sunrise and I remember thinking there’s nothing more invigorating than being witness to a brand new human being entering this world.

Watch Fahren Cyril’s Birth Story

Fahren Birth 02.19.2012 from Heike Murphy on Vimeo.

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