Spring & Bluebonnet Mini Sessions

Phew, I thought it would never happen this year, the weather has been so crazy around here. One day it’s 90 degrees, the next day we are back in the 50’s. But thanks to the recent rain I am finally finding some pretty good bluebonnet patches (don’t get me wrong, nothing quite like last year;). I know I’ve been getting requests for bluebonnet and spring minis so here are some open dates and details for what’s coming up this month:

Friday, April 12th morning
Sunday, April 14th morning
Sunday, April 21st morning
Some weekday evening sessions may be available depending on kids ages. Locations may vary.

If you would like to book a spring or bluebonnet mini session please e-mail me at info@heikemurphy.com for current open dates and times. And really, don’t wait, these types of sessions tend to book pretty fast! Yay for spring!!!


Catching up {Austin Family Photographer}

Hello there 2013. I know it’s been like 2.5 months and not blogging for this long is a TRAGEDY! But we’ve not been sitting idle twiddling our thumbs around here. Lot’s of changes are in the works, a new name/brand finally a new blogsite and quite a few new offerings are in the making. I do not dare to admit how long I’ve been working on this but we are close and I can’t wait to finally announce the new site!

Until then 2013 seems to be flying by just as much so it’s about time we get caught up, don’t ‘ya think? Exactly! I figure if I ‘ll do one blogpost a day I may get caught up some time in the near future. That’s the plan. So stay tuned!

Let’s start with one of my favorite family sessions from last year. Why is it my favorite? Well, let’s see… maybe it’s because I’ve been photographing this family since forever (when big brother was  a baby!). Or maybe it’s because these folks always look fabulous, mom really knows how to put those outfits together, doesn’t she? Or maybe it’s because they really get what the session is about, capturing those everyday life moments that will be gone before we know it. Or maybe, just maybe their love for each other is so tangible and they are not afraid to show it…and this makes my job incredibly easy and fun! I always look forward to our sessions, collaborating with them on what we want to capture and then letting the moments unfold. Not surprisingly when we went into an open “field of weeds” for a round of football with their boys, those moments, their laughter and joy, those images are probably some of my all-time favorites.

April 22, 2013 - 8:32 pm

Robert Austin Fitch from NYC - Heike,
What an amazingly happy, fun, and love filled session. Beautiful work! Cheers, Rob

Picture Perfect Family {Austin Family Photographer}

It’s been a little quiet around here. Busy season is still in full swing although now it’s mostly about cranking out pictures from all of the sessions this month. It’s been a great month of shooting and the weather has been so cooperative. Bear with me while I am working as fast as I can to get everyone their pictures in time for the holidays! And if you are waiting to see a sneak from a non-holiday related session (birth, newborn, maternity…) they will be up as soon as I ‘ve got all the holiday minis completed. Not much longer!

But meanwhile I did want to share a few images from a session I did for the fabulously talented Racheal Pulver and her family. As photographers it’s always a dilemma to get your own family photographed and to be IN the pictures with them. Some people can work magic with a tripod but I am not one of them! So I love to try and trade sessions with a photographer friend. This trade has been in the works for quite some time, busy schedules and various other obstacles aside we finally got it done this fall. Racheal did a fabulous job photographing my family so the pressure was on for me.

I enjoyed spending time with her and her family. They are a gorgeous bunch, aren’t they! Despite her apologizing that things were crazy during the session I thought it went great. Her kiddos are all so photogenic and apparently do not suffer much from PCS (photographer’s children syndrome) Especially her little girl was really working it for the camera and she seems to enjoy it so much. A natural! (I don’t know too many six-year olds that happily lay in a creek of pretty cold water for a picture ;-)) And Rae, you’re a gorgeous mama, you should really step in front of that camera more often!

November 30, 2012 - 9:09 am

Rae - I love them!!! Thank you again for capturing our crazy family. I can feel the love we have for one another through your photos!

Smitten {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Just from e-mailing and talking to mom on the phone a few times, I knew that this would be an awesome session. When I walked in I was instantly smitten by this little guy, just a perfect bundle of sweet newborn squishiness. He was so calm even while he was awake and he kept following me around with his eyes. I don’t know, maybe it was the camera clicking noise that intrigued him but I’d like to think he’s just going to be one of those kids that loves the camera 😉 He definitely rocked his first shoot just shy of two weeks old. They are spoiled with lovely natural light in every room so we were able to incorporate his surroundings. And yes, Stella, oh Stella, their adorable little “big personality” dachshund. She definitely kept us entertained. Those two look like they  are best buddies already.

I absolutely adored this session, what a beautiful family and mom looks amazing, doesn’t she? There’s really no way one should look this good and fit into pre-pregnancy  jeans like this! I am super excited that I get to record little Luke’s first year and can’t wait to see him again!


Be in the Moment {Austin Family Photographer}

About time I finally blog some images from this session. Warning: It’s a long post, which is representative of the hard time I had narrowing down this session.

It had been a while that I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family, so I was so excited that it would finally work out just around the time that little J. turned one. We had planned a downtown location but due to a random Sunday morning marathon (is there one like every week?) we had to regroup and moved a little further south.

In the pre-session form mom had mentioned how she wanted natural, unposed shots of them being in the moment. I loved that expression and really it embodies what I like the most, just letting families be themselves and capture what enfolds, thereby telling their story. I really hope they like the results. I hope what shows through these images is the immense love, tons of laughter and pure joy they share with each other.

Little J. is a carbon copy of dad, don’t you think? And oh he couldn’t be any cuter, those big eyes and wild curls, TDF! He has the most easy going personality to boot! Miss K. reminds me of my girl, a little shy, so sweet with her brother but once she warmed up some of her sass came out and I had a blast watching her getting goofy with daddy. And it turns out she’s quite the budding photographer, she wanted to see all the pics I took and eventually I had her shoot a few. And I must say they came out great (the one of mom and dad and baby boy… yeah, she took that!) so I’d say someone better get the girl a camera 😉