Stretching feels good {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Loved this session, all the way through. This little adorable baby boy is the first and newest family addition to their beautiful little family. And he seriously could not be any cuter. That hair and those baby blue eyes…, I know, I couldn’t get enough of him! He also was a perfect little angel throughout the whole session and we just breezed right through it.

I was beyond excited when mom called me because she is my seriously awesome dental hygienist and while it’s as fun as it gets (sitting in a dental chair) to go see her every 6 months I secretly was hoping I would be able to meet that new baby boy.

Their dog is a big part of the family (with two canine family members I can relate to that) so it was great to include him in some of the shots. He is so sweet and loving and showered baby C. with kisses head to toes. They said that C. likes to stretch a lot and I got to see it first hand. He seriously does it all the time, I love nothing more than tiny little newborn baby stretches. But I think he’s on to something, stretching does feel good!


October 12, 2012 - 7:25 am

Christie Stockstill - Great job, Heike! How adorable are those sweater shorts? Love all the stretches and yawns…and that rockin’ hair!

Too much fun {Austin Maternity Photographer}

It took me forever to get a blog post together from this beautiful little family’s maternity session. Simply because I couldn’t pick just a few, just loved them all. I ‘d say we may have had a little too much fun during their maternity shoot (How cute are those skeleton shirts?!!) But when your due date is Halloween, how can you not? These folks have a tendency to have due dates that fall on a holiday. Little sis’ there was due on Christmas. Well at least, they’ll never forget.

I feel incredibly lucky to have cool clients like these. It really is so much fun to come up with ideas for the shoot and work out a plan together and see that come to fruition. Their little girl is the cutest little button and so full of personality. Every time I see them I just want to squeeze her. I LOVED that age with our little girl so it brings back fond memories.  I love how confident she is, curious for life and I could listen to her talk all day long.    You can tell she knows how much she’s loved. You can tell they are doing an awesome job raising her. And yeah, she’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger. Can you tell?

No doubt she’ll be an awesome big sister to their new baby. And if everything goes well I get to be there for the birth to document yet another big moment in their life… =)

I must have added a few smile lines to my face from working on this session. I just feel like there’s so much laughter, fun and love in this family and they have a great sense of humor. What more could you ask for!

Oh, those last pics with the bubble gum (another fun idea she had). It was more difficult than you would think but we got it. Interesting scientific fact though, every time the bubbles would touch they would merge into one big bubble. Cool, huh? Go try it out!

Well there’s more to come for them, I just had to stop before I was posting the whole session 😉



January 6, 2013 - 1:02 pm

Brandy Lewis - Just looking through some bookmarks and found your site that I bookmarked when I lived in TX. I recognized this family and then realized that I did newborn pictures for them with their daughter! So crazy to see her all grown up!! Beautiful pictures!

Little boy on the move {Austin Family Photographer}

Wow, I sort of knew that he would be an early walker just going by how strong and mobile he seemed at his 6 months session. But he sure lived up to that idea. Mom said that he started walking around 9 months so when we got together to commemorate that big 1 year milestone he was basically running! When we let him run you could just tell that he was so proud of himself.

It was sooo humid that day and soon enough we had to take a little break and find cover as a shower blew through. Nothing that stopped him for long though and in the end we found the place that tickled those smiles out of him, the slide!

Little C., it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow this first year. Always still amazes me how much these babies change in a year.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

In the real world {Austin Newborn Photographer}

These folks may look familiar. I photographed their first son as a newborn here, one of my favorite newborn sessions.  And in a way this session felt a little like a deja vu experience.

Maybe a little harder this time around, maybe a little more chaotic. (I know mom and dad would agree with me on that). Simple fact is, newborn sessions are not for the faint of heart. There’s no quick way to get great newborn pictures. It’s sort of a journey, from arriving, to getting everyone settled, baby fed, diapered again, calmed, brother/sister happy and entertained. Patience and calmness is the name of the game with newborns. I tell my clients to plan for 2-3 hours and I have gone over that on plenty of occasions.

I think people see these photos of perfectly happy and sleeping newborn babies and toddlers kissing their little brothers and it probably seems like it’s so easy. That’s part of the photographer’s job, right? To make it seem effortless. Well, it’s not easy by any means. Sometimes a big brother/ sister hasn’t quite adjusted to his/her new role, after all it’s usually only been a week when I see them for their newborn session. So, what I want to clear up is this, things are not always going to work out perfectly. We may not even get a single shot of a toddler and their new baby brother /sister together.  But I’ll definitely give it my all, every time. In the end, I find those other pics, the ones you would consider not to make the cut, the in-between shots just as perfectly adorable and real.

I wish I would have taken more behind the scenes shots, there were some spectacular ones! Like when baby boy peed all over daddy just as soon as that diaper came off (Mom and I were laughing so hard, I couldn’t even take a pic). Getting big brother close to his little baby brother was a task in itself that required quite a few tricks. And that very last shot, with him sleeping on the baseball glove, it was literally the last shot of the session. I mean dad was already out the door and in the car when we finally caught that little smile. Patience pays off! (most of the time;) )

September 27, 2012 - 3:32 pm

hp - The photo of Landon kissing his little baby brother is super!
As is the baseball glove smile.

Brantley, Erin, Landon and Gavin all look great!

Sisters, Cousins and Friends {Austin Family Photographer}

These two lovely ladies are sisters (twins!) and good friends of ours. In fact we did this little impromptu family mini session during our stay in Tuscany, Italy. The house we had rented for a week with friends was beyond amazing, a dream really!  And although you can’t really tell that these are taken in Italy, I hope they will always remember this special week, the time we spent doing what are some of my fondest memories of Italy, hanging with good friends, enjoying the pool and awe inspiring views, eating the best tasting home made Italian fare and um… drinking gallons of good Italian wine, of course 😉

Guys, I’ll go back to Italy with you any day! Love you all!




September 24, 2012 - 8:09 pm

Sangeeta - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pictures! You are amazing!