A spooky good time for a good cause {Austin Kids Photographer}

Happy Halloween! Well, almost… just about 6 weeks away! Dress up, pretending to be someone else, a super hero or scary monster or puppy dog, childhood memories that should not be forgotten. I think I’ve managed to take at least one picture of my kiddos in their Halloween costume every year, some are not up to par, on a camera phone or point and shoot camera taken in the dark while we go around the block trick-or-treating. Why I wouldn’t take the time to take a proper photo is beyond me but who knows…we were probably in a rush and I just forgot. And here’s the thing, I LOVE Halloween and seeing all the neighbors’ kids in their costumes, pumpkins, the Halloween decorations… It’s a really fun holiday! So I ‘ve been wanting to do Halloween minis pretty much every year since I got started with my biz and this year I am doing it!

Oct. 7th, it’s the date. Mark it on your calendar AND reserve your spot!

And because it’s the start of the holiday season I want to make sure that our fun turns into helping children that may not be able to go trick-or- treating this year. So we will donate 50% of the proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.)

Bring your little goblins, have some fun, support a good cause! Sign up here or send an e-mail to me at info@heikemurphy.com if you’d like more info.



Mini Session Dates Are Here {Austin Family Photographer}

Have you noticed the weather change and that cold front coming in? Nice, right? Fall is in the air and I am so ready for it! And with the ramp up to the holiday season it’s time to update your family photos. Look back and see how old your last family photos are. Has it been more than a year? Yeah, it’s time.

I’ve been getting request for holiday mini sessions and after mulling over the (already crowded) fall schedule I reserved two dates for Holiday mini sessions.

The dates are Oct. 28th and Nov. 17th. Both will most likely be morning sessions but if I get more requests I may add some afternoon slots. Up to 5 family members are included.

As always the mini sessions are first come basis so reserve your spot today!

For more information, a full price list or to reserve your slot please e-mail me at info@heikemurphy.com or you may submit a request here.

November 7, 2012 - 8:33 pm

Christina currie - Hi Heike!

Do you have any sessions available on the 17th? Just let me know. I hope you are well

Take care


BACK and Back-to-School {Austin Kids Photographer}

Yes, I am BACK. For real, we’ve actually been back for a few weeks now but somehow back-to-school and right back to shooting had me pretty busy. I am going to attempt getting caught up with sneaks and all that here shortly. Also an announcement regarding our upcoming mini sessions will be out shortly, so stay tuned;-)

But first things first, we had an AH-MAZING summer, really I feel still overwhelmed by everything we’ve seen and experienced. My Facebook friends have probably seen some of the pics (sorry, I couldn’t stop posting =). But if you don’t know, I decided to take a little sabbatical this summer and our family (2 kiddos in tow) went to Europe. We’ve spent two absolutely fabulous weeks in Italy traveling all over the country. This has been a long long dream of mine. Even though I am from Germany and travel distances are pretty palatable, traveling to Italy has never been in the cards for me before. I’ve been all over Europe but never Italia! So anyways, we went, it was everything and more I ever dreamed of and we’ll probably have to go back in the near future. We also spent a month in Germany afterwards. This is my HOME and I always wanted my kids to experience my culture for a longer period of time, really dive into day-to-day life and connect with their family and cousins. It was a truly wonderful experience and I am so incredibly fortunate that we were able to do this. I am still culling through the thousands of images I took so it might be a little while but I will share some favorites here soon…

When we got back we had about two weeks to get readjusted before school started and that was another biggie. With one heading into third grade and one starting kindergarten, life as we know it has changed. Things are going splendid so far. Nico loves school and I so enjoy having them both at the same place. I was a little worried I would be a blubbering mess once the day comes but I did pretty good. First day went off without a hitch, Yay! When he asked the SECOND day to be car dropped off and I watched them walk into the building hand in hand…, that’s when I lost it, for a moment. Luckily I was in my car, by myself so nobody noticed:)

While we are on the subject of back-to-school. I got lucky and my dear son agreed to a quick photo session. I wanted to get some back-to-school pics of him and try out my RAD school desk I scored on craigslist. I was absolutely floored how well he did, he even started to ask me to take pictures of him in different places. We had a blast spending some quality time together. Maybe he realized that him starting school was a BIG DEAL to me, or maybe I just got lucky that day. He got to pick a yummy treat afterwards so as far as he’s concerned, photo shoots are cool now. (I just hope he remembers that for next time)

I wanted to take Isa too but she was not up for it and I have learned a long time ago that forcing your kids into taking pictures usually doesn’t work out. So I’ll wait a little to take her out 🙂

Here’s my little (um, big) kindergartner…


Summer Break

Heike Murphy Photography will be closed until Aug 15th.

We are taking a summer break to enjoy time with the kids and go on some epic travel adventures. I’ll try to post and report back soon. Happy Summer Y’all!

We are still booking fall sessions and have a few weekends left. Don’t wait to schedule yours! For fall session scheduling please contact me at info@heikemurphy.com. Thanks!