I’ve got the Blues {Austin Kids Photographer}

I’ve got the Blues… not really just wanted to say that. And this adorable young man has the most amazing blue eyes indeed. Between his eyes and editing bluebonnet sessions I’ve seen a lot of my favorite color lately.

But seriously, it was a blast to spend some time with him and his parents in the midst of bluebonnet season, which was phenomenal this year! He reminded me so of my own little boy at that age which actually made me sad just a little bit. Just miss that age, the antics, the funny things they say…Sigh, now I’ve got the Blues after all.

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions {Austin Family Photographer}

I love almost nothing more than watching that special bond that moms have with their children. I know that feeling, feel it with my own kids. That intense love you didn’t know existed until you had a child. I feel passionate about capturing that emotion, I think it’s worth capturing not just for you but for your children.

So MOMS, step away from your camera, the one you always hide behind taking pictures of the kids. (You know who you are!)

This time it’s YOUR turn, your time in the spot light! I know… it might not be your most favorite thing to do. (I already hear the chorus, “Oh, I hate being photographed.” I never like my pictures!” “I need to loose those last 10 pounds first.”) But trust me, once you did, you’ll be glad. Your love for your children is worth it. To be held onto forever. To be captured, shown off, displayed in your home. Your children know how much you love them and they really don’t care what your hair looks like. They want to see YOU in a picture with them! Let’s celebrate motherhood!

So for a limited time… Mother’s Day is May 13th for you dads that need a reminder 🙂 I am offering “Mommy & Me” Mini sessions:

Best Friends {Austin Family Photographer}

It’s been about a year that I’ve seen this family. They’ve been longtime clients so it’s always nice to catch up with them. The first time I’ve photographed them is when the little guy was born. Now 3 years later he’s so full of personality, his smiles just light up your day and he talks! I don’t know why this surprises me but to this day I am always amazed when the little ones start talking full sentences. I loved his willingness to go along with whatever I suggested and his little “okay”. He clearly doesn’t mind the camera 🙂

I also loved watching their bond, these two seem to be tight despite their age gap. I could have watched them forever playing their little games, singing songs together. They even have their own secret cheer routine they’ve come up with! This is the stuff you want to remember down the line! As always we’ve had fun, exploring the colors, textures and unique flair of Soco. Always fun hanging out with this beautiful family! And L., great job on the outfits!


Bluebonnet Mini Sessions {Austinn Family Photographer}

On a whim I went scouting today and found several good patches of bluebonnets. And I thought to myself what a perfect weekend to do some mini sessions!

So I am opening up spots for bluebonnet minis both this weekend as well as next week and weekend. Who knows how long they will stick around but by my estimation they are still in the beginning stages and we may get another 2-3 weeks of beautiful blooms. I don’t know if it will be as big a year as 2010 was (remember that?) but after last year’s drought this crop is surprising!!

So, if you ‘ve always wanted to do a bluebonnet session for your kids or family, now is the time! Limited spaces available, please contact me through the contact form on this blog or via e-mail (info@heikemurphy.com)