A day in the park {Austin Kids Photographer}

Oh my goodness, where to start? This cutie pie is the grand daughter of good friends of ours. It seems like we’ve been planning this shoot ever since she was born. I am so glad I finally got to meet her and capture her in this fabulous stage of toddler hood. I knew she was a cutie but I realized pretty quick how beautiful she really is and I was stunned by it. From her perfectly almond shaped dark and sparkly eyes to those beautiful lips that look like they’ve just been outlined with lip liner to those adorable bouncy pig tails. And that little curl sticking up from the side, that just gets me! I seriously don’t think she could be any more adorable!

I loved this session so much (despite the extra humid and HOT spring morning) because we just let her do whatever she enjoys so her personality really came out and I think we’ve got so many happy candid moments captured.

Imagine how hard it was to narrow down the images from this session. Yep, almost impossible. So I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Pretty sure though she’ll capture your heart just as easily and you won’t be able to stop looking 😉

Oh the faces he makes {Austin Baby Photographer}

His 6 month session was on a chilly morning but it did not dampen his spirits. He was pretty happy wherever we went and made the most adorable faces. Gosh, I love this age when their personalities start to shine! He did so amazing sitting up by himself, such a strong little man. I loved the way he was wringing his chubby little hands and of course there’s nothing more adorable than the way they play with their toes at this age. I hope you can stand all this squishy baby goodness!

The Princess and the Pea {Austin Newborn Photographer}

I keep meaning to post images from this newborn shoot earlier this year. I had such a blast with big sister, she’s wildly entertaining. I wish I could replay the little things she said. Normally, the toddler/newborn combo can cause a bit of photographer jitters. Just take the unpredictability of a newborn and combine it with the unpredictability of a toddler and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂 But for this shoot everything turned out just fine in the end. We had our hurdles, such as when baby boy just simply did not want to be put down or fall asleep even after an extensive nursing session. Or when big sister decided that dress that mom had picked out wasn’t going to cut it and she’d rather go without clothing just sporting a hat.

With a bit of patience and improvisation we got it all worked out in the end. Kudos to mom and dad for being flexible when it came to Miss L. clothing choices. In the end a brand new princess dress that was supposed to be a birthday present saved us from a serious toddler tantrum and made for some darling sibling shots!

On another note, I was amazed how gentle big sis was with her baby brother. She was holding him so well and didn’t even get frazzled when he got a little restless in her arms. If that’s an outlook to things to come, she is going to be an awesome big sister.

I got a little teary eyed looking through these images, just reminded me so much of my little girlie holding her baby brother just like that. SIGH, where does time go???

Sometimes you just need a Do Over {Austin Kids Photographer}

I’ve known this little one since birth and when we met for her 1 year session a couple of weeks ago things were a little off. Not sure what it was, the weather, the scene but Miss T. wasn’t quite herself when we met that morning. We’ve pulled out all of our stops to try and make her smile but she just wasn’t having any of it that day. Looking back at the images I was surprised we’ve got some little smirks from her but when she had a full blown meltdown right in the middle of South Congress both mom and I knew it was time to call it quits for the day.

She came to the studio a few days later and what a difference! HUGE “light up the sun” smiles and she was so much happier. That just proves that sometimes you just need a “reset” button and give it a fresh start. I love this family so much!!

Experiences {Austin Kids Photographer}

Before the holiday season rolled around last year we decided to do things a little different for our family. Our kids really have very little wants and needs.  Both of their rooms are stuffed full of toys and their wish lists consisted of the latest toy of the year or whatever they saw in the never ending array of commercials but really there wasn’t anything on there we knew they *really* wished for and couldn’t be without. The amount of stuff that enters the house around Christmas is always a little frightening to me. It’s just too much! So for this past Christmas we decided to focus on just a few things for each and make it mostly about new experiences rather than more stuff. So we got a few gift cards to places we like to go together as a family and that we can use throughout the year. I found a great deal on introductory horseback riding lessons at Calliope Stables in Leander and I knew this would be something Isa would really enjoy. We want them to always be open to trying new things, not to be afraid and since she’s our little animal lover this was right down her alley.

We are fortunate that LISD has these random three days in February that are off school which is perfect for a little trip or to do things like this. We’ve had fun three days together, visiting the Witte museum and Alamo in San Antonio, the Waco Zoo, logging some volunteer hours at the Humane Society and I took her to her first ever horseback riding lesson. I had no idea how she would do and honestly I was a little nervous for her but I should have known better. The first 30 min or so she disappeared into the stable with the instructor and I was not allowed in there. When they reappeared with this sweet horse “Cinnamon” in tow she was all ready to go. She told me later that she learned about all the different parts of the horse and the “gear” and she got to brush and clean it. She was so excited about it! Then they went on a little trail together, Isa in the saddle and the instructor leading her around. Right after that they came inside this fenced training course and that’s when the instructor told her she’d be riding on her own now. And without hesitation or any signs of fear, she did. It looked amazingly easy and she was quite comfortable up there. Leading her horse all around the course, making her stop and turn. I was amazed! I know her horse was so sweet and patient and probably didn’t need that much direction or skill but still, she rode a horse all by herself in a matter of an hour!

We’ve always known that she has a special connection with animals, really of any kind even the ones most people are afraid of. It seemed that she was at such ease with her new friend Cinnamon and she was just beaming with pride and excitement when she was done. This feeling of accomplishment, it’s not something we could have ever bought her with another toy. It’s so much better and longer lasting! I want more of that for them!