Family Lifestyle Session {Austin Family Photographer}

What is a lifestyle session? I get that question a lot. So let me try to explain.

To me a lifestyle session is all about capturing your life in the moment. It’s NOT about having everyone sit pretty, smiling and looking at the camera. I know everyone *wants* a shot like that and we’ll definitely include it. It’s what defines traditional portrait photography, we are all *programmed* to look for that image where everyone is looking, smiling, happy. It’s the image you send to the grandparents, put on your holiday card, put in a frame to proudly show off on your desk. BUT is it the image that makes your heart sing? Does it show your connection, your love? To me, it’s hard to convey that connection in an image like that and this is exactly where lifestyle photography comes in. Here the focus is on emotions, true connections and interaction between family members, siblings, dads and daughters, moms and sons. It’s capturing that very moment you are in, the little games you play, songs you sing, expressions and little faces the kids are making and yes, even your toddler’s tantrums! You think those moments might be mundane, ordinary but they will be the exact things you will miss a year from now, gosh… 3 months from now when the kiddos have moved on to something else. I always felt that those ordinary moments are worth capturing, remembering, they are what defines our life.

Is it easy to do a lifestyle session? Yes and no, I think it’s certainly challenging and definitely requires some planning but if you are able to relax and let go of preconceived notions what a photo session should be like, it can also be a lot of fun. And you’ll be amazed at the results.

How do you best display images from a lifestyle session? There’s certainly not an one-fits-all type answer but I think arranging the images into an album or coffee table book is a wonderful way to keep them together. They belong together to tell your story. And when you page through that album a year or 10 years from now, it’ll bring you right back to that moment. I guarantee it!

Here’s a lifestyle session from last fall that I really loved. I ‘ve known this family since their daughter was a newborn and it’s certainly a privilege and honor to be able to see them grow. I loved hanging out with them and capturing some of those precious moments for them!

If you are interested in booking a lifestyle session for your family, I’d love to hear from you! (Contact me through the contact form above)

Before his 6 months session…{Austin Newborn Photographer}

I need to post some of my faves from little C. newborn session. I cannot wait to see how much he has changed. I know I’ll be floored. Always am. Not sure why it’s so hard to grasp how much these babies grow in a matter of months. What a perfect time to go back through these and remind myself how adorable this little guy is.

Where were we? {Cedar Park Newborn Photographer}

Oh my, I am so behind on blogging! People have been asking what’s going on with the blog and well, the short answer is, I am just behind. After recovering from the busy holiday season I’ve been wanting to get caught up. We are a good 5 weeks into the new year so let’s do it! Time to catch up from…um… last year. A lot to catch up on.

Such as this sweet baby boy’s newborn session which it appears occurred right before “holiday season” started. He made the cutest little faces. I swear I could watch little newbies for hours and laugh at all the little contorted faces and smiles. And big brother was so good with him too. Is he not the cutest little munchkin!

Dear Isa…

Today was a good day. It always has been a good day. Especially for the past 8 years.

Why yes, it is our sweet baby girl’s birthday (I think I will always think of you as my baby girl, no matter how old you actually are=)

This date, today, it’s always a little bitter sweet. Time just goes by WAY TOO FAST. I cannot believe that you turned Eight, that’s a BIG number. Has it really been that long? I wish I could turn back time sometime, knowing what I know now, how fast it goes by. I would try to take it in more, when you were a tiny little newborn, making that little mosquito sound when sleeping so peacefully. I would just watch for hours. I want that back some days. Or when you were two and chattering away with that tiny little voice. Those chubby cheeks, that little voice, your cute antics, I miss it. So much.

But then I look at you and what you have become, a beautiful little (big) girl. Smart, witty and kind. Your laughter makes me smile, no matter what kind of day I had. You are one of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met. You practically are a mini mother to your little brother! Your capacity to  love  and care for any creature on this planet, big or small, creepy crawlers or sweet puppies is heartwarming. Your ability to take in the world in all of it’s detail is beyond my grasp. I love that you like to explore your creativity, never stop creating. And I know you are barely getting started.

I am beyond grateful for this day, eight years ago. It changed who I am to the core. Above anything else I am a mom. And I’ve learned a lot about myself. How much I am capable of loving. How it’s really the small moments that count. How hard it is to let go a bit (still working on that one). My biggest desire is to always be able to protect you, so nothing and nobody will ever hurt you. I know it’s not realistic. So all we can do is try to prepare you for life and t’s challenges to the best of our ability. The rest is really up to you. And I just know you’ll be great! I am so proud to be your mommy!

So on your birthday, my sweet baby girl, this is my wish for you:

Always know that you are loved.

Always know that you are beautiful, inside and out.

Always stay true to yourself and follow your heart.

And above all, ALWAYS know that you are LOVED…

Googol infinity!

Love, mommy

Soco Fun {Austin Family Photographer}

About time I post some images from this fun family session!

I am truly so grateful that I met these folks more than 3 years ago. I’ve been able to photograph big brother since he was born and with this latest session we just completed the little ones first year session. I’ve also been fortunate to develop a friendship with them that goes beyond just taking their pictures. Mom is a very talented interior designer and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on that end as well. More on that later.

This was so fun to make it down to Soco and explore. Always love going there. To me it’s very Austin, unique and colorful and a little quirky.