My Favorite Redheads {Austin Family Photographer}

I LOVE these folks. Every time I see them I think how lucky I am to have awesome clients and friends like this. I’ve been photographing S., the big brother, since he was a baby and now I get to watch Miss T. blossom into her little personality. Mark my words, I think she’s going to run for president. She’s so serious and observing and it feels like she’s got things figured out already. We’ve tried everything under the sun to get a good laugh out of her but she held out ’til the very end when she got to play airplane. And little dude, how cool is he?! Loved the outfit, his glasses and I so enjoy hanging with them, every time.

This cracked me up. “Snack time” – Lollipops and Rocks! (obviously we didn’t really let her eat the rocks)

October 8, 2011 - 7:25 pm

Megan - Thank you so much Heike! We feel the same way about you. As always the photographs are amazing! You never cease to amaze me with what you can do with a camera(and lollipops;). You have such a gift. Thank you for capturing these fleeting, precious, unforgettable years of our lives.

A Boy with Ambitions {Austin Kids Photographer}

Wow, what a blast this session was! This young man is a dedicated gymnast and he also has ambitions to get into modeling. After our session I am pretty sure he will succeed in both. He was so eager to show off some of his skills, both his gymnastic abilities and model looks. Pretty awesome cartwheels, splits and handstands (even walking! I am so impressed!!) and I could barely keep him from climbing up on a roof! He seems absolutely fearless!!

Loved it when his personality came out and he threw some super cool poses all on his own. He definitely has it going on at the tender age of 10!

Holiday Mini Sessions Are Here! {Austin Family Photographer}

Would you believe it’s almost October! I am so ready for fall and cooler temps, seriously can’t wait!! So it is with great anticipation (and hope that fall will actually eventually arrive) that I am announcing our 2011 Holiday Mini Session dates.

If you are interested in getting one of these time slots DON’T WAIT! To book or inquire about open time slots please click here! There are only a few slots for each day and I’ve already got some of them booked! With the fall season upon us dates are almost completely booked through the rest of the year. As of today I have exactly TWO WEEKEND DATES left if you would like a full session instead.

Once I have the mini sessions booked I will keep a waiting list for those interested in case someone has to cancel their slot or I may be able to add another date to the schedule but as of right now these two dates are it:

Sat. Oct 29th (8:30am – 11:00am)

Sat. Nov 12th (8:30am – 11:00am)

Here’s the skinny on what the mini sessions include:

-up to 25 min of shooting time

-up to 5 family members (this includes pets)

-approx. 10-15 proofs available in password protected gallery

-CD with 5 digital images and print release

-15% discount on a la carte print products (incl. custom holiday cards, canvas or metal prints, books and albums)

$350 (incl. tax)

READY to book and reserve your spot? Please go here!

I am super excited about our new set of holiday cards for 2011 now including super cool LUXE cards.

To view the full selection please contact me. Here’s  a quick sneak peek:

*Images courtesy of Melissa Davis Designs

Cutest Brothers ever {Austin Newborn Photographer}

I ‘ve had a lovely time with this beautiful family. I love hanging out with J, (the big brother) he’s so full of personality and the little conversations we had just made me giggle. Remember him from here? So this time I also got to meet their newest family addition and he’s just as cute as can be, I loved his mohawk hair and he was so happy throughout the session, just a perfect little angel! The two brothers already adore each other, they’ll make a good pair!

I know any pediatrician will tell you that newborn and young babies don’t ‘smile’ yet, at least not in a social way but I think I have about enough evidence to proof them wrong. This little man seemed to smile on cue! Like when his big brother was holding him, when he was snuggling with mama and even when he was just peacefully sleeping.

And something else happened that cracked me up, I got the “thumbs up” from BOTH kids. Can you see it? Glad it wasn’t another finger (again) 🙂

Toddler wrestling {Austin Family Photographer}

I am not going to lie, this session was hard. Toddlers are tough to photograph on any given day but doing this in the middle of the hottest summer on record just kicked it up a notch. And it was HOT AND HUMID. I could sense that mom and dad were questioning their decision to come out that day, things didn’t start off too well. I think K. was a little overwhelmed by it all, a new location with so much to look at, it was early in the morning and we were messing with her routine. She was not willing to part with any of her things (notice exhibit A “the Cheerios cup” and exhibit B, her favorite friend Elmo;) Sweet little K. did marvelous given the sticky temps and our constant attempts to get her to sit or do this and that. After a while I knew this would have to be one of those action shot session, no direction, just let her lead the way. And so she did and in the end we even got a few smiles from her and she was willing to part with her “Lovies” for a short bit. She really started to open up when they started to sing songs together. Isn’t she cute as a button?!

Looking back on these pics now I think it quite perfectly depicts a day of parenthood with an active toddler. You do a whole lot of chasing, encouraging, redirecting and toddler wrestling to keep them out of danger. I hope they look back on this one day and wish themselves back to this very spot in their life. I know I do, having made it past toddlerhood and almost past preschoolerhood, I miss the days of them being this little and just starting to figure out this world of theirs.